Synnin Viemaa

Tour in Autumn 2001
Page 222-223

HIM had 40 gigs to do in 4 months. And suddenly it seemed that HIM were ready to break up.

"I was totally in a so bad condition, that band's end wasn't far, - Ville says. - Stress was that kind of class, that I was fucked up all the time in this tour. Once I started to break the band in the tour bus when I was drunk. After that the band's chemistry has changed a lot. Everything was fine at this moment but perhaps Mige and Linde were thinking what they would do if I'll become insane or die because of alcohol.

There was a terrible tragedy during that tour which we are still trying to fix. We have like a family relationship. There are a few guys who like each other. We were just counting with Mige that I had done this work for 3 years without any holidays. It's not a surprise that one day everything came up to my mind. And since I'm this kinda blablaing guy, things are usually coming up in a way that I make people angry. Well, I'm a sensitive artist type, who gets mad from time to time, and it's terribly unreasonable against friends. That's the way it's.

Though HIM is a band, I have to make many decisions. If a band member doesn't understand what I'm trying to say, responsibility after all that, it's weird in my opinion. These kinds of things had happened also. I want for example people look good at photograph sessions and nice in videos, because these days visual things also belong to music. If I'm trying to explain that thing to the guys, and even after that they aren't doing that, it's completely weird.

I haven't ever hit anyone. I didn't fight after elementary school in a physic way. It feels that mental violence can be a lot worse. I have made people around me mad, in the band and elsewhere in stupid ways, and it has made scars on my and their relationships".

Translated by MaYu

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