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Tennis racket, Lancoste-shirt, chains and KISS

From bob haired [that kind of girly styleЕnot that long & not that short hair] glasses head [he had glasses] into classical youth criminal

HIM's guitarist Mikko Viljami Lindstrom was born on 12th August 1976. From horoscope he is lion and he has a younger brother. Usual nickname is Linde but man is also known as Daniel Lioneye, super dangerous super star.

"When I was born, we lived in Klaukkala in a small house in the forest. I was the first kid, my little brother was born 4 years later. My dad is engineer and my mom was working in Finnair that time. In every way I had pretty happy childhood and I was also pretty kind till one moment. In elementary school (1-6 classes) I had a small rebellious spirit, but I had bob haired glasses head which was dressed tidy and nicely.

My dad was a huge Elvis fan. I had to listen to Elvis in a car, at home and everywhere. My dad liked also "The Rolling Stones" but "The Beatles" didn't mean anything to him. From Finnish side he liked Badding but mostly I remember only Elvis. Elvis' songs are still playing in my mind. My parents are the most unmusical people in the world, but I still got Landola's acoustic guitar as a Xmas present when I was 10. Before that I played KISS with a tennis racket together with my cousin. In our house a home-video was filmed: I'm wearing a red Lancoste shirt and many chains. Thank God any of those videos aren't probably safe anymore. The first song I played with that Landola guitar was KISS' Heaven's On Fire. I was playing that with 1 string, with my thumb. KISS was the first band I liked.

At the beginning my parents didn't believe, that I really was interested of playing. I had to fight pretty much before I get that first guitar. But when I went to the guitar lessons, they decided to support that hobby. They never had anything against playing, no way.

In the 2nd class of elementary school I got to know these current friends. This dirty behaving has come from there. Classical youth criminal story - you just got to bad company. First time when I was pretty drunk was when I was 12 or 13 years. I drank 3 bottles of beer and I drove by bike back home. Anyone didn't realise anything 'cause it was pretty late already.

That was just kind of 'drinking only weekends'. I started to smoke when I was only seven. Although I wasn't smoking in a 'real' way in the first year til Nastonen taught me how to smoke. I was eight then. Now I haven't been smoking in for almost 2 years. Quitting was actually pretty easy. I wasn't ever slave of nicotine. I was smoking just as a joke. Sometimes it took a week without smoking and then at one night I could smoke 3 packages.

Time passed and drinking started to get heavier aspects. In Oulunkyla there's a rehabilitation centre for war veterans. We broke its window totally shit after few bottles of whiskey and after that we went to swim to their swimming pool. When police cars were getting closer we ran naked to some bushes to hide. We waited for a while that police cars drove away and went to the right next to this centre row house's yard to smash trashcans. Policemen drove right to this yard and they threw us to the car and took us to the jail.

I woke up in the morning and didn't remember anything. I knocked to jail's door and said "I had sober up so let me go". They opened the door for a bit and said "You won't go anywhere, you are accused to stealing, burglary and everything terrible". I found out that policemen had made a home search to my home and they tried to make us guilty for stealing some computers, which we even didn't have any clue about.

Oh, I had also one drunken driving. I was fifteen and we were once again drinking in Oulunkyla's bushes. There came one friend with his moped and I wanted to go to drive a bit. I didn't even realise that I was drunk and then it's illegal to drive. I went to drive to a quite big route and about 10 seconds later police car was behind me. I had a plan to fool the police car and I drove to some park route with full speed. Police car followed me. At some point I stopped and asked "what now?". They said "First of all you don't have a helmet and blow to this machine". I had alcohol in my blood over gross line and they threw me to a police car and then to the police station and to the blood test. The result was luckily a bit under "gross drunken driving line", but of course I had to go to court and got also fines.

This "remembering things" is just like Alibi-stuff ("Alibi" is a magazine in Finland where is always told about some criminals and plaplapla. - MaYu.). Fucking funny memories of childhood, yeah right. Think about that I didn't even realise it wasn't allowed to drive moped when you were drunk! I thought it was okay.

My parents were fucked up 'cause of those things but I think nowadays they are laughing for them. So, then I went to a high school. I tried to get to Sibelius high school but I didn't get there so I went to Kapyla's evening high school, to day line. It was a school where you didn't have to go, so I wasn't there almost at all. I went there to make exams and high school had been finished in 2,5 year. Ville went to the same high school but dropped out.

Then Ville made up a band called HIM and I started to play guitar there.

Translated by MaYu

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