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Razorblade Romance tour

"To tell the truth I was completely tired. In Hamburg (in a year 2000) I almost fell down from the stage. After the gig I lied in my hotel room like a completely dead mass, - Ville says. - That time we all were ill from each other, but we had to play the gigs. Mige was really ill for a month".


Tiina Vuorinen remembers well how stressed HIM were right at the time of this gig in Hamburg, at the end of March. There was supposed to make gold the record party to the band, and Tiina flown to the city to be at the party.

"It wasn't a party at all, - Tiina tells. - People were tearing the guys all the time. Cameras were already filming at the breakfast and microphones were almost on the plate and ass and everywhere. Then I realized, that everyone was feeling really bad. I puked almost when I saw how bad they were feeling. I said to Seppo: "Now calm down, otherwise it will go over". At that time there could be 10 interviews before the gig and 5 minutes time to change clothes. Of course nerves were burning!"

"I didn't realize myself how close to the end I was, - Ville confesses. - It was Dresden or Chemnitz where a really high hotel was, and we were in the 13th floor. I got completely insane and was about to jump out of the balcony. Linde and Silke ripped me to the safe. The hotel's staff came to annoy me and I was close to hit hotel's boss".


In Linz there was one change of the tour. Ville suddenly threw his bad working ear monitor away and sang that gig completely shitty. When he went to the backstage, he started to throw bottles. Finally Ville & Mige were lying on the floor, which was full of pieces of glass. Ville sang Frank Sinatra's "My Way" song. At that moment Mige thought that the end of the band was close.


Relationships inside the band were really bad. Those days Ville was giving dismissals to Gas many times.

"I was in a really bad mood at the end of Germany's tour and thought "tomorrow I go out or otherwise I kill someone". But somehow the situation got better, - Kaasu says. - A few times I was really close to hit Ville. Luckily I didn't do that. There wouldn't be any return. It's the same like you hit your brother if you hit your band mate".

After chaos in Linz Ville totally stopped celebrating for couple of weeks. And slowly situation got better.

Now gigs in Germany went well and audience loved HIM. When the band toured in Germany last time, the fans were typical rock people. Now also teenagers had found the group, which was because of the success of "Join Me In Death".

Translated by MaYu

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